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Ukrainian Forces Fight Back

Ukrainian Forces Fight Back
Ukrainian Forces Fight Back

Pro Russian demonstrators took over government buildings in Eastern Ukraine over the weekend, and yesterday they were ousted by Ukrainian troops without firing a shot. Russia has been provoking a fight in Eastern Ukraine for some time. On the border some 40,000 Russian troops are wanting to start a fight so they can walk right in and take over the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine is a big industrial heartland for the country. If it was to fall into Russian hands then the rest of the Ukraine would fall.

John Kerry speaking before a Senate Subcommittee acknowledged that Russia was behind all the demonstrations and unrest in Ukraine. He also spoke on implementing tougher sanctions on Moscow if they continue with the demonstrations or were to cross the border with troops. Russia has said it has no plans at this time to send troops into the region but if demonstrations were to continue they felt that they would have no choice but to protect pro Russian civilians.

Putin continues to provoke the world leaders with his stupidity and eventually the world will say enough is enough. He has brought this crisis in the Ukraine to the forefront of everyone's lives. This all started when the Ukraine wanted to get closer to the European Union. He bribed the former President of the Ukraine to come over to Russia for support rather than Europe. This brought his downfall and left the country in demonstrations and riots.

Russia then manipulated the takeover of the Crimean peninsula. He brought troops to the border and when he manufactured demonstrations he walked in to protect true loving Ukrainian Russians. Putin then brought a vote in the Crimea to the people to come back to Russia. This annexation took place with the world simply watching and only implementing some sanctions as punishment.

Now Putin wants the rest of the Ukraine. He is now starting the process all over again. Hopefully this time the world will stand up to this bully and kick his butt back to Siberia; Letting him know that he has always been a punk.