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Ukraine military cracks down on Russian insurgents

It is most clear that Russian military professionals are present and lead the insurrection by ethnic Russians against the Ukraine interim government forces in a civil war. It is also clear that the Ukraine forces lack the power to defend their country. The present situation is unviable. The Putin Russians will be coming soon as they will use the Ukrainians attack against armed protesters as an excuse. The slow roll by the Russians is still moving forward and soon the action to acquire another chunk of the Ukraine will be complete. Meanwhile, Putin and his government have assessed the pain from sanctions, and they believe they can endure it. The Obama administration and EU allies may release another round of sanctions, but that will not prevent the Russians from achieving their goal at the price of sanctions.

Ukrainian forces attempt to dislodge ethnic Russian protesters
Getty Images

“The Ukrainian Security Service said its forces were fighting "highly skilled foreign military men" in Slovyansk.”

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