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UFO site artifacts: Scientists called on to volunteer laboratory time

Mutual UFO Network STAR Team Member Norman Gagnon studies a sample taken during a UFO investigation.
Mutual UFO Network STAR Team Member Norman Gagnon studies a sample taken during a UFO investigation.
Norman Gagnon

An unusual national hunt is on for scientists and lab technicians where volunteers may be called upon to examine some rather extra-terrestrial samples, according to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Executive Director Jan C. Harzan.

As the largest UFO study group with field investigators in 37 countries around the world and in all 50 states, Harzan, reached at his Newport Beach, CA, headquarters office today, said the request for more science-based laboratory help is in response to the organization's growth and the increasing numbers of UFO reports MUFON is receiving.

"We need more scientists on call," Harzan said, "and we're now appealing nationally to get ahead of the cases we expect to receive that requires this kind of serious study."

Board Member Vicki Leblanc said the growth in physical evidence cases demands clear scientific analysis and the necessary scientific help in the laboratory.

"Over the last couple of years MUFON has tried to alleviate this situation and enhance the scientific approach by formation of the Science Review Board and other measures, but this is just a start," she said. "We have wonderful experts who give freely of their time, but we need more as dictated by the volume and variety of the work that we have."

Leblanc said MUFON needed more help from all scientific fields.

"I would specifically like to add more experts in the fields of metallurgy, DNA, astrophysics, propulsion and extraterrestrial biology."

Science Review Board Director Robert Powell agreed.

"Our goal is to bring more and more scientific methodologies to the study of the UFO phenomenon," Powell said.

The advertisement, which first appeared in the February MUFON UFO Journal, reads: "If you are a materials scientist or lab technician you may be able to help us solve the UFO mystery. We need experts from every field to conduct scientific testing on a large variety of artifacts which from time to time are provided to MUFON for testing. Volunteer NOW to be on the front line of UFO research."

Interested parties are being asked to call Harzan at 949.476.8366 or reply to

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