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UFO sightings: Two UFOs seen in Texas, 'humming' sounds and low lights cited

Two new UFO sightings were made in Texas this week, both of which included a low-flying space craft that possessed visible lights and self-described humming sounds. Several witnesses in Austin and Gainesville have come forward claiming that they experienced potential unidentified flying objects, suggesting that alien life may indeed be out there in the great unknown. My San Antonio News offers the statements of these awestruck bystanders who confirm they saw something mysterious up in the sky this Wednesday, July 2.

UFO sightings in Texas include beeping sounds and flashing lights
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There may not be any concrete evidence of extraterrestrial presence out in space (or visiting Earth, for that matter), but UFO sightings are reported every year, and this 2014 is no exception. Several people looking to the stars above Texas this week alleged that they saw what appeared to be unidentified flying objects. One witness in the southern state provided his information to the Mutual UFO Network hotline, revealing he saw a space craft with four separate lights giving off a dull humming sound late at night.

"I observed what appeared to be a square, low-flying object approaching me from the east," the witness told the Mutual UFO Network witness reporting database. "There were four unwavering lights, two red and two yellow. There was very little space between the lights, giving the appearance of a compact square. Strangely, it seemed that one of the sides was its leading edge, not one of the angles."

The Mutual UFO Network also received word of a similar object (yet different in size) being spotted by witnesses in another Texas neighborhood, the IB Times shares this afternoon. And it wasn’t just a single person who spotted this potential sign of alien life in broad daylight. Apparently, an entire group of people enjoying the warm summer afternoon in Gainesville saw something shortly before noon on Thursday. What was described as a low-flying, triangular craft was observed in the sky via this recent sighting, emanating a faint humming sound and with horizontal lights.

"The lights were lined up horizontally, and then right before it disappeared, the lights instantly lined up vertically as if the object turned on its side and then sped away," one of the bystanders witness noted.

Texas seems to be a prime location for new UFO sightings, including these two additions to the growing list of otherworldly detections in our atmosphere. According to MUFON’s official website, the Lone Star State has had almost 30 reports alone this May 2014. That makes it one of the top five regions with alleged alien life or unidentified flying object observations being cited in the entire U.S. nation.

Do you believe in UFOs? It certainly seems possible, and those Texas who witnessed the most recent appearances are sure to believe that something is out there in the skies. Just last year in June, an intriguing sighting of such a foreign space craft was made above a Netherlands castle. For the disbelievers out there, several experts came together to argue that the photo of the UFO was "not faked," so make of it what you will.

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