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UFO over historic barn: Site of 'multiple ghost sightings'

Photographs of a UFO over a historic barn near San Diego, California have surfaced. Ellen Henry saw the object as she took photos of the Edgemoor barn in Santee. According to the United Press International on May 24, 2013, this location is also known for paranormal activity.

"According to Elaine Murphy, the president of the Santee Historical Society, paranormal things happen all the time at the historical barn turned museum."

Although there have been "multiple ghost sightings," this is the first UFO ever recorded at the barn. Strangely Henry's camera stopped functioning after the photos were taken.

The barn is on the property of what was the Edgemoor Farm Dairy Farm, which was originally part of a Spanish land grant. In 1913 the barn was built as part of what became an award-winning dairy farm. In the 1920s it was used as a home for poor elderly people. In 1955 it became known as the Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital. Only the barn was left standing from the original dairy operation.

In 1986 the barn was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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