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Ubisoft talks the most "disgusted" 'Assasssin's Creed' multiplayer ability

The smoke bomb will be different in 'Black Flag' than it was in previous installments.
The smoke bomb will be different in 'Black Flag' than it was in previous installments.

If you've ever stepped foot inside of the multiplayer in any Assassin's Creed game, chances are you have an opinion on each and every ability in the game. Whether it's Morph, Smoke Bomb, or Poison, you have to hate at least one of them. When we had a chance to sit down with Tim Browne, lead game designer at Ubisoft, we spoke him about what ability the community seemed to hate the most and how they were remedying that in Black Flag.

There really was no competition as Browne exclaims, "The one that we know the community discusses the most is the smoke bomb; it’s always been the smoke bomb." The team has had some issues getting it exactly right as it seemed like every other patch it was receiving was a major change. "We’ve balanced it and of course [some] people liked how we balanced it, some people didn't like how we balanced it."

So what is the team going to do in Black Flag? Browne says, "We have done something new this year, we’re not going into [details], but people will experience smoke bomb in a slightly different way."

"We’re really happy with what we've done with it, we know we have made it far more of a skill ability. Rather than just a panic button where you see a guy about to kill you and you hit it, now there’s a certain amount of skill [involved]."

As always, there will be those who will have had it left unchanged, Browne knows that. "I can imagine some people will prefer it the way it was but I think they will appreciate exactly what we've done with it to make it so that it’s far more level."

"[Now] you have to be maybe a little more preemptive in using it."

What are you most excited about when you get your hands on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag this Fall? The multiplayer? The single player? Both?

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