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Ubisoft's 'Watch Dogs' looks to set the tone for the next-generation of gaming

Ubisoft is without a doubt the publisher that seems to be advertising this concept of next-generation gaming the most, and with what we have seen thus far from Watch Dogs, it seems to be the game that is going to embody what next-generation gaming will be about coming this holiday season.

Excited for Watch Dogs?

We had the chance to get an exclusive look at this next-generation title and it proves that the Xbox One and PS4 will be featuring games that are more than just prettier pictures.

Watch Dogs will be providing an incredible amount of range as to how a person can complete a mission or challenge. From technology, to brute force, players have a wide variety of ways they can complete missions.

The entire world people will be in is connected and will allow individuals to manipulate the environment around them. How you do that will have a widespread impact on a number of different influences relating to your experience.

Now moving toward the concept that everyone wants to talk about. Ubisoft is clearly one of the first developers and publishers to fully embrace this concept of a multi, single player games, and Watch Dogs seems to embody that.

The demo we saw, had a player trying to complete a single player mission of hacking for some information and it was interrupted in the middle of it by another player who was nearby. This is nothing new as many of you have read about this by now, but what is pressing to know is how involved this aspect of the game will be.

Ubisoft said players will have the choice of allowing or not allowing other people to come into their game and disrupt them, but doing so seems to be a betrayal of what this game is trying to do at its very core.

For those who allow the game to be played as designed, your reputation and how you interact with other players will significantly determine the amount of disruption you experience from others.

Think about the notoriety levels from Assassin's Creed. Well it's essentially the same idea, but it applies to people who are playing the game alongside you. The more you interfere with other people's games, the more you will become a target.

Bear in mind that all of this will happen as you are playing the single player. It seems as though people will have control over how much interference they experience from other players. This really places a stronger emphasize on the human aspect that is present in a multi-player game, but again, it's in a single player game.

There are so many intriguing factors to this that Watch Dogs really does seem to be the next-generation launch title you will want to keep an eye out for. Of course, we still have to see how the overall execution of the game ends up being, but the preview we saw seems to be suggesting some truly innovative qualities.

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