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Ubisoft dev on PS4 & Xbox One: 'Loading times on next gen, you can’t be serious'

Legends races onto next-gen this Tuesday.
Legends races onto next-gen this Tuesday.

GTA V was one of the first open-world games we saw completely eliminate loading screens, unless you fast-forwarded a taxi ride, and that game hit current-gen consoles, so shouldn't we expect the same out of games on next-generation systems? recently had the chance to speak with Rayman Legends' lead game designer Emile Morel about the Xbox One and PS4, and how one Ubisoft engineer believes loading times shouldn't be a part of next-generation games.

"Honestly these loading times in the previous versions of the game never really bothered us. It’s something that comes with current gen gaming. But we are a team that loves a challenge so removing them was more of our engineer’s personal quest.

"It was pretty simple in their minds, 'We have 2 new powerful consoles, so let’s see everything we can do with it!' I actually remember one of them telling me: 'Loading times on next gen, you can’t be serious…' And the first time we played the game without loading times it was truly amazing.

"To us it was like rediscovering the game. Jumping in and out of levels goes so fast now just makes the whole navigation in the game far more fluid and really adds to the frantic pace experienced while playing Rayman. Of course our engineers had to familiarize themselves with these new systems, but apart from that there weren’t any major problems that came up.

"This was probably made even easier by the fact that the current gen versions of the game use the UbiArt Engine and are already running at 60fps in 1080p which is already the best you can offer to gamers these days!" Morel said.

We already knew that Rayman Legends wasn't going to have loading screens and it is going to be a great luxury for players to enjoy. While it may not yet be possible to have every single next-gen game without loading screens, it's certainly not an unreasonable expectation since GTA V did it on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Zero loading screens is hopefully a trend we will start to see in most games within the next year, but it is yet another way to differentiate one game from another. Rayman Legends races onto the Xbox One and PS4 on Feb. 18th.

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