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U2 on Golden Globe Awards red carpet; band getting along better than ever

U2 on red carpet
U2 on red carpet
U2 on red carpet

When Bono and the rest of the U2 band walked by there was a slight pause on the red carpet of the Golden Globes Awards on Sunday. The band, which is rarely seen walking any red carpets, seemed to take the breath away of the masses as it was history in the making to see the band casually stroll by in Beverly Hills.

So what’s the news with U2? Fans will be glad to hear that the band is getting along better than ever. That unity had Bono and the rest of the smiling and posing on the red carpet too. As for music, the band no doubt will be coming together in other performances in the future. When asked The Edge confirmed the music will be flowing in the future.

Previously playing a performance for the Helping Haiti benefit on Saturday night, it was the first time U2 has played publicly. Of course the fans would love to see the guys on stage more and everyone is in luck as U2 is working on a new album too.

U2 might win Best Original Song from a Motion Picture at the Golden Globes tonight. Even if they don’t they made the red carpet media gleeful as the guys shared a moment about their music.