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U.S. Supreme Court Temporarily Puts Brakes on Utah Same-Sex Wedlocks

Same-Sex couples can no longer do the happy wedded bliss dance in Utah due to a temporary halt of marriage licenses to gay couples due to the U.S. Supreme Court, reported CNN. This ruling allows Utah state officials to uphold their state ban on gay marriages while the federal court judge’s decision is appealed.

U.S. Supreme Court places temporary halt on Utah same-sex  marriage
photo credit - ABC-4 News

For many Utah residents who voted in favor of traditional biblical marriage principles which support marriage between a man and a woman, Federal Court District Judge Robert Shelby ‘s decision last month was a blow. The judge decided that the state same-sex marriage ban was somehow unconstitutional when it forbid lesbians and gays from being legally married.

The federal judge relied upon the “Equal Protection and Due Process” safeguard of the U.S. Constitution to decide that gay couples were being deprived of their rights due to the Utah state ban. The 2004 ban had been supported and approved by Utah voters which coincide with the general principled beliefs of the state’s residents.

According to CNN, the nation’s high court’s decision is going to complicate gay marriages which went forward after the federal court judge’s decision. Dozens of same-sex marriages have gone forward since the gay marriage ban was lifted by the federal court in December.

For supporters of the ban, including the state’s Governor Gary Herbert, the action by the federal judge to legalize same-sex marriage represents a direct affront to the will of the people and is an example of liberal judicial activism, reports CNN.

In what appears another direct assault upon the biblical values of ordinary citizens who exercised their feelings in 2004 to reject same-sex marriage, Utah officials appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to stay the lower court’s decision.

For now, the Utah battleground for traditional biblical marriage between a man and a woman is going to be fought in the federal appeals court with the entire nation watching.

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