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TX Federal judge issues Order To Show Cause; Response due in 10 days

Texas Border Counties
Texas Border Counties
Texas Border Counties -

Dr. Orly Taitz, Attorney, announced on August 1, 2014, in PRESS RELEASE: Judge Hanen issues an order to show cause for the defendents to respond to why he should not rule in favor of plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz, in the case, Taitz v. Johnson et al, where she is seeking nullification of DACA and stay of transportation of illegals all over the country, that defendants are required to file a response within 10 days.

The immigration case, Civil Docket - 1:14-cv-00119, Taitz v. Johnson et al, was filed in Brownsville, Texas, at the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas and is assigned to Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen.

The plaintiff in the case is Dr. Orly Taitz, and defendants are Jeh Johnson, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services; US President, Barack Obama; U.S. Border Patrol, Rio Grande Valley Section, Brownsville Station.

The 'Order To Show Cause,' issued by Federal Judge Hanen on August 1, 2014, orders a 10-day deadline for defendants to submit their explanation of why emergency relief should not be granted.

Federal Judge Hanen specified in his order, "Counsel for the Defendants shall notify the Attorney General’s Office of the State of California about the existence of this lawsuit and these deadlines so that it may participate if it so desires."

Taitz's original complaint, Attorney Orly Taitz's draft filed on July 14, 2014, Taitz v Jeh Johnson draft 12 final (1), seeks an application for an emergency stay/injunction and also requests either an 'emergency immediate turnaround and deportation of illegal aliens' or 'their two months quarantine in an enclosed temporary or permanent Fema facility due to epidemic outbreak or spread of infectious diseases.'

Following the protest of Dallas citizens at Dallas Administration Building in downtown Dallas on July 18, 2014, Dallas County Judge Jenkins announced Thursday that Dallas would not take the 2,000 illegal immigrant children he had agreed to house because it was no longer necessary. Just two weeks earlier, Barack Obama had appeared on television reports expressing thanks to Judge Jenkins 'for his compassion' in offering to house 2,000 illegal immigrants.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are being flown to Alaska. "While many immigrants have been released in border states like Texas and California, others have been set free in Alaska . . . . . The trip from McAllen, Texas -- where the current border crisis is occurring -- to Anchorage, Alaska is a nine and a half hour flight. This is almost double the time it would take to fly the migrants back to their home countries in Central America," according to Kristin Tate in Feds Fly Unaccompanied Minors to Alaska.

The border invasion into the U.S. is the #1 concern of Americans according to recent polls. The spread of infectious diseases, the enormous cost to taxpayers and the drain on state resources are major concerns. Some infectious diseases which have been confirmed at the Texas border are tuberculosis, H1N1 swine flu, bacterial pneumonia, scabies, chicken pox, measles, and lice.

Diseases carried by illegal immigrants may not show up before the immigrants are transported across the United States on buses and airplanes -- and possibly into foster homes of volunteers who offer to house them.

Due to the spreading of the deadly ebola virus in Africa, international travel is being monitored, and airports are 'on alert' to watch for symptoms of the disease.

A new report today, West Africans Are Streaming Across the U.S. Southern Border Carrying the Ebola Virus, warns that ebola, which has no cure and requires quarantine, will be carried into the U.S. through the border invasion -- if it hasn't already arrived. A map in the report illustrates borders in Liberia which have been closed to contain the disease. Yet the U.S.-Mexico border remains open.

The same report, written by Dave Rogers, quotes Dr. Jane Orient saying, "In Arizona, state officials learned that Obama had ordered ICE to deliver unscreened illegal immigrants to bus terminals in Phoenix and Tucson AFTER their arrival."

A recent article, National Border Patrol Council VP: Border Agents Need More Staffing To Help With Crisis, by Jessica Berardino quotes the Vice President of the National Border Patrol describing diseases as 'common' at the border and stating, "Absolutely, I would almost guarantee that there are people that have been released that are sick and that are now in American society.”

In addition to the spread of disease, dangerous drug and weapons traffickers, along with gang members, have invaded the U.S. without being noticed. And Pew Research Center reports that 90% of the 'children' coming into the U.S. are 'teenagers.'

Due to the lack of federal assistance for the border invasion, civilian militia troops from around the country have been converging near Laredo, Texas, according to conservative tribune. Many of the militia in the area are part of Oath Keepers, a group composed mostly of experienced soldiers, law enforcement officers, and first responders who have been trained for situations like the current border crisis.

During the August, five-week congressional recess, U.S. citizens plan to continue protesting at town hall meetings to stop the border invasion. Paul Bedard says in his article, Ready to rumble: Activists to raid congressional town hall meetings to fight immigration, that "Due to anger over unaccompanied minors swarming over the U.S.-Mexico border, NumbersUSA, an immigration reduction group, is making plans to invade town hall meetings." Another group, Overpasses for America, often photographed with signs and flags on overpasses, continues to organize anti-invasion protests throughout the country.

With schools throughout the country opening soon, U.S. citizens need an end to the border invasion.

Regarding her current federal immigration case, Dr. Taitz has cited a previous case which was assigned to Judge Hanen that gives her reason to be hopeful of a positive ruling. A previous order from Federal Judge Hanen issued on December 13, 2013, Hanen prior order on smuggling by the government, involves a Federal case where Mirtha Veronica Nava-Martinez, an admitted human trafficker, pleaded guilty to smuggling a 10-year-old El Salvadoran girl into the United States in violation of Federal law. She was hired solely to smuggle the girl into the United States.

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