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Two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

A two-headed dolphin washed ashore in Turkey earlier this week, and the improbable sight was documented in photographs. The conjoined dolphins made for a shocking sight against the dark sand of the beach of Dikili near Izmir, which is located on the west coast of Turkey. Pink in color, the lifeless corpse of the two-headed dolphin showed obvious signs of decay as it lay on the beach.

Two-headed dolphin washes ashore in Turkey

Scientists said the two-headed dolphin was a juvenile. The mammal was only about one year old at the time of its death. Reports indicated that one of the mammal's two heads had deformed eyes and a deformed blowhole. It measured just over two feet long.

The shocking and amazing discovery was made by a 39-year-old gym teacher named Tugrul Metin, who witnessed the carcass as it floated onto shore. He phoned the local police to report the strange incident. They transported the bizarre animal to a laboratory for observation, reported The Independent.

Metin was on vacation when he spotted the stunning sight of the two-headed dolphin being carried on the ocean waves. He told the media about the experience.

"I couldn't take it in at first - I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me - I've never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes - I was completely shocked."

A Turkish museum wants to display the carcass of the dead two-headed dolphin, and scientists from the marine-biology department at the Akdeniz University want to study the animal, according to Daily Mail. Associate professor Mehmet Gokoglu spoke about the rarity of the find. "Such a dolphin is a very rare occurrence - similar to the occurrence of conjoined human twins," Gokoglu said.

Gokoglu denied that the Akdeniz University is currently studying the two-headed dolphin and said the university does not know the current location of the unusual remains.

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