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Two Children Dead, One on Life Support; Routine Procedures Going Horribly Wrong

Parents seek out answers and further investigations by higher authorities into why seemingly routine procedures are killing children more often now than ever before.
Parents seek out answers and further investigations by higher authorities into why seemingly routine procedures are killing children more often now than ever before.
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It seems we are hearing more and more in the news about seemingly routine procedures gone horribly wrong, and many of these stories now involve children. From flu shot related deaths to routine medical or dental procedures, it seems more and more careless mishaps are killing children.

Parents are wanting answers.
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For instance, Finley Boyle was a 3 year old little girl full of life and laughter. She was described as not knowing a stranger. She loved everyone.

She had to undergo several root canals and some other minor dental work last month. She ended up instead with massive brain damage leaving her in a vegetative state. Finley died Friday night at a Hospice Hawaii's Kailua home with her family by her side.

Finley's parents are in the process of suing her Kailua, Hawaii, dentist alleging dangerous conduct and negligence after, it is said, that improper medications with incorrect dosages were allegedly given to Finley. She was then left unmonitored for almost a half of an hour.

Ashley Boyle filed a lawsuit claiming "As a direct and proximate result of the medications administered to (Finley) by defendants, (Finley) suffered cardiac arrest during her dental procedure."

Jahi McMath

Meanwhile, in California a court hearing was concluded on Friday for Jahi McMath. This is the a 13-year-old girl who so many of us have become familiar with on the news. She has been deemed as brain dead after a routine tonsillectomy, on a ventilator and her parents are fighting to have her moved while also fighting to keep Jahi on life support.

On Friday there did seem to be progress, but no final determinations were made. However, despite the rulings or lack there of, an official death certificate for the 13 year old who just went to have her tonsils removed has been released. The document does still have to be accepted by the department of health to become official. The time of death on the certificate is December 12, 2013.

The hospital will not discuss what happened or why the child began bleeding profusely leading to her ultimately going into cardiac arrest after such a routine surgery. They are however saying that the child will never live independent of machines to sustain life again. She is clinically brain dead.

Olivia Marie Coats

Finally, another story sweeping the nation is of Olivia Marie Coats. She would have been a perfectly healthy baby girl except for the crushed skull and severed spinal cord she received during a failed assisted birth with the use of forceps.

She was born brain dead due to her injuries on December 28th and Died on January 1st living only 2 hours after being removed from life support. She was a social media sensation overnight, and the night little Olivia died both candles and Christmas lights were lit in several countries in honor of her, the little time she shared and the huge impact that she made.

Olivia's parents are trying to start The Olivia Law which will ban the use of forceps for assisted births in the United States.

The country cannot help but take notice of these fallen children, and the many others that go unreported by the media every day. These "incidents" are serving to make routine visits nerve racking and legitimately worrisome events.

In all of the above stated cases none of the parents had any reason to believe their child would have anything other than the best possible care. The unfortunate thing is that there is no way to prepare for tragedies like these. The only thing people are left asking is; as a nation how do we protect our children, and is there anything that we can watch for to prevent death or serious injuries to them in the future?

After a while the coincidences turn to legitimate reasons for concern. Three dead children in a month seems legitimate enough to plenty of Americans. Parents and concerned Americans alike agree that it is time for an investigation by higher officials to examine what is actually taking place within the professional healthcare industry before another child is lost.

To date the pleas for investigations on higher levels form countless parents have been ignored. Leaving the nation to believe that until the root cause of the carelessness has been eliminated the problem will not go away.

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