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Twitter reveals special icons and collaboration for Ramadan

Twitter wants to help the world observe Ramadan and since its almost upon us (Ramadan begins the evening of June 28), Twitter has announced special flags, an interactive map and instant iftar times

Twitter adds Ramadan icons
Twitter, Ahmad AbouAmmo

The Head of Media Partnerships, Ahmad AbouAmmo announced that when using either the hashtag #Ramadan or #Eid, special icons will appear after each. He suggests that users can use the hashtags and their special icons to connect with others around the world—who sent 74.2 million tweets about Ramadan last year, by the way— and to share their own celebrations and observations.

They’ve also designed a way to quickly find out when observers of Ramadan may break their fast each day as well as when to begin. By tweeting @ALArabiya with the hashtag #iftar (starting tomorrow) along with the name of your city as a hashtag, you will receive a reply as to when you can break your fast. Follow the same format, but substitute #imsak for #iftar for the beginning of a fast.

And to best visualize all of this data, there’s an interactive map, designed by Simon Rogers, to see where most tweets are coming from in the world. Beginning with the start of Ramadan, the map will track when and where people are most tweeting about it. . Other common words that have been tracked in the past include, ‘hungry,’’ happy’, ‘dates,’ which refer to a common snack accepted for breaking fast; ‘may you be in good health,’ a common saying which was predominate in Turkey last year and ‘prayer.’

Will the world break last year’s number for tweets about Ramadan? With the company’s welcoming approach, it seems likely they will.

Do you want Twitter to provide similar symbols and dedicated collaborations for other religious events?

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