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Turkeys from ‘Free Birds’ predict Super Bowl 48 outcome

Go, turkeys, go!
Go, turkeys, go!
Courtesy of Mandy Rogers/Think Jam

In honor of the Feb. 4 Blu-ray and DVD release of “Free Birds,” and Super Bowl 48 on Feb. 2,Twentieth Century Fox and Modell’s Sporting Goods teamed up for a turkey race, according to a Jan. 30 press release email.

Despite the polar vortex that is sweeping the East Coast, former Denver Broncos safety John Lynch and current Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph and their turkeys – Jake and Reggie – headed out to the streets of New York City for the first ever “‘Free BirdsSuper Bowl Turkey Race.” At the end of the race, it was Reggie – coached by Rudolph – who predicted the Seattle Seahawks would win over the Broncos in the big game. Reggie is now the first turkey in Super Bowl history to predict the game’s outcome.

In the animated “Free Birds,” two turkeys try to travel back in time to make it so turkey is no longer on the Thanksgiving menu. Reggie is voiced Owen Wilson, while Jake is voiced by Woody Harrelson. Other actors who lend their voices to the film include George Takei; Amy Poehler; Keith David; and Dan Fogler.