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Turkey Run State Park is an unexpected gem

The mossy ravines at Turkey Run State Park look like something out of a fairy tale.

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Turkey Run State Park near Marshall, Indiana almost defies description.

After all, you don't expect signs anywhere in Indiana to warn you about dangerous cliffs and deep ravines.

The trails along Sugar Creek can make for a truly daunting hike. Trail 3 is really a doozy, with huge wooden staircases, rocky ledges and even The Ladders (you can probably figure that one out for yourself).

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of cold water, because once you start down a ravine it's not easy to get back up.

But it might be just as important to bring your camera along because you will want to capture the park's striking natural features for yourself.

The park is located at:

8121 East Park Rd.
Marshall, IN 47859


  • Anita Dougan 5 years ago

    Gorgeous pictures, nice article, concise info, could not ask for more!

  • Donna 5 years ago

    Beauatiful pictures, Dan. Don't forget about canoeing or floating down the stream there. We haven't done it because we usually have a dog with us, but it sure looks like fun. Our friends' dog even made it up the ladders, but one of ours was afraid of the bridges. It's especially beautiful there in the fall whether you're people or dogs.