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'True Blood' season 7 spoilers: Bill's past, a new character and more villains

Stephen Moyer plays Bill Compton on "True Blood"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

"True Blood" is preparing to air its seventh and final season on HBO, but fans still have a few more months to wait. Thankfully there are spoilers and casting updates that can get viewers excited for the vampire series to return. On April 11, Carter Matt revealed some information about Bill's family connections and there is also an update to casting.

When "True Blood" season 7 airs, fans will meet William Compton, Sr. as well as Bill's mother, Margaret. Not too much information has been released on the details of these two characters, but International Business Times did write that the year will be 1855. They wouldn't be appearing if there wasn't an important reason and something major must have happened during that year. Fans can also expect to see Caroline Compton, Bill's wife. Spoiler reports state that fans will travel to the 1850s to see her give birth to one of their children.

There will also be other flashbacks, including Bill clashing with Bon Temps locals. Back in 1862, there were some issues with his ideas about the Civil War. This particular scene will include 5-year-old Sarah Compton according to a casting sheet that was released.

E! Online reported that there will be another new character on "True Blood" season 7. Her name is Brigette and she is described as a gorgeous microbiologist. Fans are speculating that she could have some sort of connection to the Hepatitis V infection. Of course, there is always the possibility that she is another villain or there could be some other interesting twist.

Speaking of villains, TV Line recently reported that a character called "The Figure" will be introduced. He is described as being similar to Jason Voorhees or Leatherface. The website wrote that the villain will be scary, ugly, hulking, crafty and mean. There is also another enemy on the way who goes by the name Mr. Gus. He is a Japanese native who is out for revenge.

HBO's "True Blood" season 7 is scheduled to premiere on June 22. What would you like to see happen on the final season? Do you have any theories on the new characters that will be showing up? What do you think of seeing Bill's past and family history in flashbacks?

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