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Tropical Storm Dorian: Gains strength tracking north of Puerto Rico

Tropical Storm Dorian is gaining strength in the Atlantic as it moves towards the north of Puerto Rico. It is expected to pass by the island as early as next week. According to The Baltimore Sun on July 25, 2013, it is the fourth of the Atlantic hurricane season this year.

Tropical Storm Dorian: Gains strength tracking north of Puerto Rico
Photo by Wikimedia Commons

"The storm was becoming more organized early Thursday, with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph about 700 miles west of the Cape Verde Islands, according to the National Hurricane Center."

Tropical Storm Dorian is not expected to become a hurricane by Tuesday, but forecasters are not confident. Due to a number of factors the possibility remains that the storm could intensify as it moves past the Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Dorian is ahead of schedule as far as the number of storms expected in a typical season. Normally the fourth storm is not due until August 23, so this one is very early.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season is set to run from June 1 until November 30 this year. Previous tropical storms include Andrea, Barry, and Chantal. This season was expected to be above average with warmer sea temperatures and slower trade winds observed. The minimum wind speed for a tropical storm is 39 mph. To be considered a hurricane 74 mph winds are required.

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