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Have you ever dealt with a traumatic situation, perhaps you’ve had a horrific childhood environment or you’ve been betrayed in some way, but you feel like you’ve overcome this? Even though it’s in your past are there things that remind you of this hardship and when these triggers surface does it get you worked up?

Utilize art; heal through this work with your hands.
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Does someone or something give you a sick feeling in your stomach, or do you get angry, tense or sad? If you are sensitive enough to actually realize your body is responding to a trigger just by recognizing this you have already stepped onto the path of recovery.

Even it this event is in the past and you have worked hard to overcome it, perhaps you have even vocalized forgiveness and you have started anew, why is it your body is unable to let go of it?

What I am learning through my mental health counseling work is that sometimes our mind is ahead of the game, and it isn’t fully aligned with our body and spirit. Remember, I’ve shared this before, “The body doesn’t forget!”

As I get more involved with my Trauma-informed Expressive Art Therapy work I am discovering that as we experience hardship, our sensory system, in our body, can lock in this horror. It can replay through this system much like a movie causing us to relive our feelings during the trauma when a trigger taps into this locked in trauma. So, even though the mind may be beyond the hardship, the body has not let go of the pain yet.

Are you wondering how to get your body in alignment with your mind, how to bring them both into the present?

Research is starting to reveal that when a person participates in art therapy it actually prompts both sides of the brain with the movements involved in this work, it can actually tap into this sensory system and unblock the body from reliving this pain. It is pretty remarkable stuff.

I truly believe that creativity is a divine gift! If you’re suffering in your world, channel this pain into creative outlets. Embrace this gift; seek therapy.

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