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Pretribulation Rapture

In order to bring about peace between its peoples, nations, religions and harmony to its environment; we the enlightened people of the earth bind ourselves to the new paradigm which is expressed below, under pain of international law.

1. All world views will be considered equal value under the law and discrimination of any kind will be forbidden.
2. We agree that whether there is a God or no God, we are all subject to that principle that brought us all into being and as such proper Judgment, wither at death, the future or deterministically, will come to be.

3. In order for the World to promote marketing harmony and because of historic agreement of all cultures, save one, we have chosen every day as a day for work except Sunday. None of the world’s marketing systems will operate on that day. At the end of each week all bookkeeping must be submitted, electronically, for Saturday tabulations.

4. There shall be no death penalty
5. Energy use must be shared equally world wide between the nations to bring about equity in wealth, health and leisure for all peoples.

6. The use of air, lands, rain, rivers, forests and animals will be monitored and maintained under one international rule of law.

7. All born children, the elderly, their training, education and health will be harmonized world wide. This includes prorating according to length and quality of life of all.
8. All healthcares will be harmonized to insure equal delivery to all. (See no. 7.)
9. Since we all will have this understanding by law, there is no reason for any preaching of anyone’s religion that disagrees with anyone else’s belief. However, your literature will be in your own domain and anyone that wants it can come to you.

10. In order to participate in the new world harmony and peace, you must allow an information and identification piece made of non-intrusive nano-material to be placed on your person in the place determined by international law. This will be for your safety and access to the marketing, medical and other benefits of the new system. Without it, you may be considered a radical or terrorist.

The deception by which the world will be deceived into a temporary seeming peace, will not be Islam. Although Islam and radicals will likely be thought the main cause for the European Union and the Professing Church to lead the world into what it considers a peaceful conformity. Most every one will agree to this except certain Christians, whom the world will hate. Those that do them harm will also think they do God a service.

Would this work for you? Why or why not?


P.S. The video, "After the Tribulation" was used because they do a good job about the tribulation.
I do not endorse the rest of the video (I have not listened to the rest)

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