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Tribute to a classic in the classiest season

Villa working his magic
Villa working his magic
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  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • Sheilla J.C. 5 years ago

    so, help me understand. he made classical music popular or made popular music a classic? or both? is that it? anyways, I googled him and watched some people playing his music, it is very different and weird. but good weird. love it!

  • Martin Edwards 5 years ago

    Now, I'm impressed. Never seen ( or heard) Brazil in a such a way.

  • N Eleanor 5 years ago

    well, there's something i need to say. the way you describe villa-lobos is unique and lovely. and you are right, he's one of the most important persons in the brazilian modernism movement. i believe that his influence is present in brazilian music of many ways and forever will be a reference.

    great job, great article. keep doing!

  • Abdalla 5 years ago


  • J.B. Carter 5 years ago


  • julliet collins 5 years ago

    fancy stuff, I see.

  • David Waters 5 years ago

    I've been listening to a lot of classical music lately. I dug into villa-lobos's work a week before reading this and I was amazed. I'm glad I found this article on the tribute, I'll be there for sure.
    keep up the work, pal. thanks

  • A.K. 5 years ago

    always a pleasure in so many ways

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    great article, man. really good.

  • Stephen Kanichawa 5 years ago

    what about some bossa nova? I'd like to know more about that.

  • Catherine Hoover 5 years ago

    Beautiful. That is simply wonderful!

  • Patricia D. 5 years ago

    are you being published anywhere?

  • adam n. 5 years ago

    you kick-ass, brother!

  • adam n. 5 years ago

    you kick-ass, brother!

  • Zack S. Johnston 5 years ago

    I'll confess, I wasn't even aware Brazil had classical music. Better yet, quality classical music. It's not ignorance, really, it is just that things like that don't come out. Brazil is mostly known for samba and bossa nova and carnivals. I'm not that into classical. Glad to see how versatile Brazilian music is, though.

  • george seinzeberg 5 years ago

    hooray for this amazing culture!

  • aretha collins 5 years ago

    true master.

  • julia d. carter 5 years ago

    that's pure sweetness mixed with outstanding talent and creativity. I've always loved Villa-Lobos but I can barely find a single record around here. Can you point me to any stores or websites I could get some originals?

  • Samuel C. Jr 5 years ago

    always wanted to be a maestro.

  • Angela Schtundisgard 5 years ago

    thanks for writing this.
    all the best to you

  • sara edwards 5 years ago

    please, write more often. I love your work

  • marcia stacciarini 5 years ago

    Good article with good taste! Congrats, Nilo!

  • anonymous 5 years ago

    I've seen you in some concerts. you're way hotter than you look in that picture. cute, talented, stylish.
    write me.

  • sam gervais 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I dind't quite like it to be honest. I have this idea of brazilian music having more of a hot, dirty vibe,
    like a few of the ones you wrote about before. keep that coming, will ya?

  • Rafael F. 5 years ago

    porra, cara, é nóis!

  • C.N 5 years ago

    c'mon, write more. you're good.

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