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Tribal Culture

I recently read the article, Water cooler talk keeps organizational culture real, which discussed the importance of tribal culture to the success of a business. The premise of this piece conveys the need that workers must feel they belong to a group in order to be productive. Basically, regardless of the corporate vision of a company, these individuals must feel a genuine connection locally with their coworkers and boss in order to surface their best selves, which manifests productivity.

People want to feel they belong.
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I agree with Blake Ashforth and the premise of his article. I posted this comment in class relevant to tribal culture and my experience, “I have a strong managerial business background and I believe my success in this area is based on this concept. I have always created connections first with my subordinates as individuals and then as employees. I have learned that when I filter and interface from my heart and then my head, it keeps me sincere. In my experience this has manifested a caring an extremely productive work environment.

This concept applies both professionally and personally.”

Most all of us have heard the phrase, “it takes a village”, and I believe achieving success in creating a healthy family environment is very similar in the sense of tribal culture. We all want to feel we belong; we want to be heard and feel validated in our everyday lives. We want a safe place where we can let down our guards and feel loved, unconditionally, flaws and all. The success in our home lives depends on our support systems, communication, and sincerity. Heart must be foundational in this area in order to embrace health.

If you’re struggling at work or even in your home life, I’m hopeful the concept of tribal culture will offer you food for thought. Realization of what is lacking or why you feel a certain way is necessary in order to embrace positive change. Think about this and perhaps an “aha moment” might surface for you!

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