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Treacherous Nev. dispute evolving into the next Waco or Ruby Ridge?

Bureau of Land Management has butted heads with cattle ranchers.
Bureau of Land Management has butted heads with cattle ranchers.
Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

The federal government is sitting on a powder keg in Nevada that could explode at any moment into another Waco, Texas or Ruby Ridge incident during which innocent civilians are murdered in cold blood by overzealous government law enforcement agents.

At the center of the dispute is rancher Cliven Bundy, whose family has owned ranch territory in Nevada for over 100 years. The dispute began over 15 years ago when Bundy's cattle "trespassed" onto federal land that is under the control of the Bureau of Land Management.

Bundy has stated all along that he does not recognize federal control of the land and that the land in question belongs to the state of Nevada. The state has not issued any orders for Bundy to remove his cattle from the territory, nor has he been cited for trespassing. But a federal judge has issued such orders and citations.

Even the governor of the state, Republican Brian Sandoval, has stated his support for the Bundy family and suggested that the Bureau of Land Management is engaged in overreach and is exhibiting gross mismanagement of the dispute.

The latest incident in the dispute occurred when the son of Cliven Bundy was arrested for exercising his First Amendment rights. Dave Bundy was arrested when he attempted to film the Feds as they confiscated some of the cattle owned by the Bundy family.

Federal law enforcement claims that all lands and roads near the site are closed when the agency is rounding up cattle that has trespassed on federal lands. But members of the Bundy family refused to leave when directed to do so, stating that they were exercising their constitutional rights to film the actions of the agency.

Once Bundy was arrested the rest of the family was ordered to leave the premises and informed that government snipers and other uniformed men were in the region to enforce their orders.

Bailey Bundy Logue, daughter of Cliven Bundy, was quoted in a report by KSL-TV:

"That's scary," Logue said. "I was angry, but there was nothing I can do. We were so outnumbered. With nothing but weapons of our cameras, we did our best at taking pictures. But when you're in that situation your mind is not thinking very straight."

Dave Bundy was released Monday afternoon. However, the Bundy family said they feel that their First Amendment rights were violated and that they were entitled to meet on state Route 170 to take pictures.

“That is against our First Amendment right," Logue said. "They say it’s a First Amendment area, but we have rights everywhere. Since when have we had First Amendment areas? That’s not what it says in the Constitution.”

One of the most ominous developments that has occurred as a result of the influence of the modern progressive movement is that there are supposedly "free speech zones" in which citizens can speak their mind freely. But there is no such thing as a "free speech zone." The entire country is a free speech zone according to the First Amendment of the Constitution, meaning that there is no place in America where free speech can be prohibited.

Although the dispute over the trespassing cattle has been occurring for over 20 years, it is only now that the Feds have decided to force the issue. The Bureau of Land Management has rounded up and impounded 134 head of cattle that belongs to Bundy -- a sore spot for Bundy and many within the Nevada state government. Logue stated,

“Wake up America. Look what our ancestors fought for and we need to stand up for that. We need to realize what’s happening. They are taking everything away from us. This isn’t only about one family. This is about everyone’s family. This is martial law and it’s in America and so what are you going to do to have it stay out of America?”

The problem, though, is that the Obama regime has the very same mindset as that of Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. When in doubt, shoot first, and ask questions later. This is what happened at Ruby Ridge and Waco. This time, however, citizen patriots will not allow the government leviathans to get away with it. If the Feds start shooting in Nevada, it will be Civil War all over the nation.


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