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Traveling in cold, wind? Clean George SKIN stick to the rescue!

Traveling in cold, wind? Clean George SKIN stick to the rescue!
Traveling in cold, wind? Clean George SKIN stick to the rescue!
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Man or woman, if you've been traveling in the outdoors this winter like I have -- Finland, NYC, Vermont -- you need an easy rescue for your skin. That's why I was so glad to be hosted to experience Clean George SKIN stick!

It's a .63 oz stick. It shouldn't have to go in your 3-1-1 bag, but some TSA officials consider everything soft-ish to be fair game. It's like what happened to me at the Little Rock airport: I was pulling up the TSA site on my phone, to show the law enforcement official who was giving me a hard time. The guy said, "Young lady, who do you think will win in the end?" I laughed and responded, "You are, sir!"

SKIN stick comes in Meyer Lemon scent -- that hybrid of lemon with tangerine. It's tangy without being overbearing. It's soft, not waxy. So, if your skin is needing some gentle, fast relief without tugging, this is right on the mark.

You can use it all over for many purposes and you just never know when you'll need it badly! For instance, in cold, dry weather, I get terrible nosebleeds. If I can get some moisture there that isn't drippy, I'm in much better shape. This stick is perfect for that.

Also, give your hands, cuticles a deep treatment before putting on gloves . . . baby skin!

It's also just the portable trick for reshaping "hat head". This is what they say about it:

Sometimes your world gets hectic and it’s easy to forget things like elbows. But in our world, all parts are created equal. SKIN Stick is a head-to-toe moisturizing balm with naturally uplifting pure lemon essential oil and is a beautiful remedy for dry skin patches, softening cuticles, moisturizing your face and lips, taming fly-aways, giving your cheeks a dewy glow and much more! SKIN stick is packed with nourishing butters and purifying oils, antioxidant rich ingredients, fat with essential fatty acids and loaded with vitamin C to naturally nourish.

cruelty free
fragrance free
natural ingredients
responsible suppliers
paraben free

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