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Train nearly takes out Senator at press conference for train safety campaign

Conn. Senator Richard Blumenthal looked very serious during a press conference on train and rail safety. As he was listening to a local politician talking at the Milford station, a Metro-North train went through at high speed, causing him to stumble. The chart he was using to make his visual points was almost blown away by the train, according to Fox News live on Sunday April 20. That was one of the best visuals provided for a press conference in a long time!

Senator almosted clipped by fast-moving train campaigning for rail safety!
YouTube screen shot

When the clip was rewound, you could see Blumenthal standing on the thick yellow line, which is there to keep people a safe enough distance away from the trains. The Metro UK today finds irony in Blumenthal’s near train accident timing. This happened as Milford’s Mayor Ben Blake was saying, “Safety, as you know is paramount.” So why wasn’t the Conn. Senator practicing what he’s been preaching?

There’s not much of a buffer zone between people waiting on the platform and the fast moving trains that go through the stations. There’s no railings or anything else that addresses the safety for the people waiting to board the train. The thick yellow line is a visual reminding you not to stand any closer, but it doesn’t stop a mishap. As seen with the Senator today, that yellow line isn’t going to do a thing to stop someone from getting too close to a moving train.

It is almost as if this train incident is like everything else that comes out of Washington these days, do as I say, but not as I do! The Sunday morning weekend show on Fox had a ball with the incident, it was rather funny seeing politicians worried about safety and suddenly their nightmare was almost realized.

The New Yorker Magazine reports that he Metro-North's reputation over the last couple years has gone a bit south after experiencing two major derailments, with one of those derailments killing four people. Then thousands of passengers were stranded in the freezing cold winter weather with a system-wide outage. There were also several fatal accidents on the tracks.

After the Metro North revealed that it has paid $552,000 in fines in the last decade, Blumenthal started campaigning for greater accountability from the railway. Thankfully he didn’t become one of the Metro North accident statistics!

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