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Trail shows ‘Nevadans for Background Checks’ a front group for ‘Everytown’

The grassroots local citizen activist behind Nevadans for Background Checks...
Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images

Following a court victory striking down arguments over petition wording, supporters of a background check initiative in Nevada will begin collecting signatures, the Associated Press reported Saturday. Nevadans for Background Checks is attempting to gather enough signatures by Nov. 11 to require state lawmakers to vote on their petition, and plan on putting the matter before voters in 2016 if the legislature rejects it.

While citing the group by name, as well as referring to individuals behind the petition drive as “supporters” and “backers,” the AP story does nothing to inform readers who the individuals behind the effort are. NRA noted the group is “likely affiliated with New York City ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety,” a speculation that can be tested with a few simple internet searches, some resulting in curious dead ends.

Looking for the organization’s name leads to a one-page website, with no other information outside of what it is they’re trying to do and why, a press contact email, and that the information is © Paid for by Nevadans for Background Checks.” Who these “Nevadans” are is left unstated.

A Who Is domain registry search shows the site registrant is masked through Domains By Proxy, LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz. The “Nevadans” trying to influence public policy evidently do not want that public to know who they are.

Looking the group up in a Nevada Secretary of State corporation search shows the “Reservation Holder” for the business entity name is one Margaret Rohlfing, who provided an address of “575 7th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20004. That is the address for Venable LLP, the law firm representing Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown in trademark registration. Again, how anyone involved can claim to be a "Nevadan" is not addressed.

Looking further, the Secretary of State’s site shows the president of the domestic non-profit corporation is one Tara Paone. The entry there, along with the PAC Registration form (which lists Paone as “director”), gives a Las Vegas address of 455 E Pebble Road #231566. That’s a box number at a local United States Post Office, which again, provides masking cover for who the "Nevadans" are.

The Federal Communications Commission website lists one Tara Paone as Treasurer of Everytown for Gun Safety in New York City. BizPedia lists Tara Paone as Director with Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund For I-594 in Washington State (an initiative covered in detail over past months by Seattle Gun Rights Examiner Dave Workman.)

In July, and again in December of 2013, this column warned -- and has been a lonely voice raising the alarm in subsequent reports -- that Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns had been establishing well-funded “action groups” in the various states as part of a committed strategy to impose New York-style “gun controls” throughout the land. The first report noted MAIG had already been at it for 10 months, yet information from the media, as well as from pro- and anti-gun groups, has been limited to nonexistent.

It appears that the process is continuing as the group begins to shed the “Mayors” identifier and embrace the Everytown brand, as this changed entity name in Oklahoma appears to indicate.

In any case, it’s clear that Nevadans for Background Checks is not the locally-inspired grassroots effort its name would imply, which is hardly a surprise to gun advocates who continually point out the “AstroTurf” modus operandi employed by billionaire "Nevadan" Michael Bloomberg and his $50 million citizen disarmament machine.


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