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Toys 'R' Us announces the 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List

Toys "R" Us has just announced their 2013 Holiday Hot Toy List, so if the young one in your home has not told you what he or she wants, the chances are good it's on this definitive list.

The Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity from JAKKS Pacific
Press kit

The list is available at Toys "R" Us stores, and Nashville store employees have been trained as to what is expected to be hot this season courtesy of the "Fabulous 15" list.

Only one doll line made the list this year. The Ever After High Royal and Rebel Dolls from Mattel were listed as number 11 on the TRU list while the 2013 Holiday Barbie Doll didn't even rank.

Other figures and doll-related products on the list include Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity from JAKKS Pacific--part of the Sofia doll line and accessories (pictured at left), the Flutterbye Flying Fairy from Spin Master, and Big Hugs Elmo from Hasbro.

Tickle Me Elmo was the must have toy of 1996 that stores could not keep in stock. Parents paid as much as $1,500 or more for the $29 toy on the secondary market to make sure their kids had one. Time will tell if this year's Elmo will be remotely as sought after, but the odds are the little fellow will be a good seller.

The Toys "R" Us "Fabulous 15" list represents the best-of-the-best toys for the 2013 holiday season, according to the store which is not shy about listing store exclusives on its list. Toys "R" Us exclusives on the list include the Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity, the Shimmer 'N Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom, a Razor Crazy Cart go-cart for kids, and the Toys "R" Us tabeo e2 tablet for kids which is said to be much improved over last year's tablet, according to Robby, a manager at Toys "R" Us Bellevue.

The Top 15 Toy List includes:

To see all the toys on the list, go to Toys "R" Us.

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