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“Touch my junk, and I’ll have you arrested”: The TSA's way or the highway

TSA body scans are invasive if not harmful
TSA body scans are invasive if not harmful
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  • Anonymous0 5 years ago

    I've had my own horror stories with airport security. Like why they have singled me out for special "extra" inspections for 8 of the last 9 times I've flown. It must be my caucasian skin and blue eyes that are a tip off that I intend to do harm.

  • Frenchy 5 years ago

    The funniest part of this story is that Janet Napolitano has said Homeland Security is considering the demands by CAIR and other Muslim protectionist groups that the TSA not scan or pat down women dressed in hijabs. Yeah, that makes perfectly good sense.

  • WOW 5 years ago

    This is obviously an unfortunate experience, but bottomline is that this is the price of safety. I'd rather be "screened" if I know that it will prevent someone else from getting on the plane with a bomb or other weapon and harming my family. If you choose to fly, then be prepared to be subjected to these "screens". If you're flying domestically - think about driving or taking the train if you dont want to go through the hassle. Remember 9/11 - if there were agents like this at each of those airports - chances are the Twin Towers would still be standing and 6000 people would not be dead.

  • Frenchy 5 years ago

    I agree in principle with your point. The question that looms for me is how safe these new-generation scanners are. From what I've read, more than a mere invasion of privacy may be at stake.

  • Patriot 5 years ago

    I would rather be blown up by terrorists than give up my rights as an American. It is nothing less than obscene for my own government (using my money) to take away the same rights radical Islam would like to take away, in the name of keeping me safe from radical Islam. I would rather my family were blown up by a terrorist than sit by and watch their civil rights destroyed and have the audacity to be grateful for it.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Stand up for yourself instead of bending over and taking it, be a *real* American. These security measures aren't helping anyone. The only terrorists you have to worry about at the airport IS the TSA. They have been violating people's rights and need to be stopped. The TSA would not have stopped 9/11 as you suggest. In fact, they are creating an environment where it can happen again. The reason 9/11 happened is because people were too scared to stand up for themselves. The terrorists were armed only with box cutters. 1 or 2 big guys could have easily taken them down, but no one did. By making the public submissive like the TSA is doing, they are only making it easier for terrorists to do it again.

  • D 4 years ago

    Actually, statistically they would have not seen or just ignored the box cutters. Hell a man brought a glock on a plane and no one caught it.

  • fred1369 5 years ago

    The terrorists have won. They have induced terror and fear in our gumint to the point where they will now intrude on every facet of our every day lives. You don't think that airport screening is the last of it , do you? Our gumint is too blockheaded to consider profiling. Searching nuns in wheel chairs does not give me a sense of confidence and security. Do you feel safer because the pilot of your plane was forced to go through the scanner? How stoopid are these rule makers?

  • dawit.A 5 years ago

    hi guises i think mimic has to end that way we are different to thou th animal that live in could per-swat one of illusion's it is disgusting

  • Ed 5 years ago

    Those who want their junk groped can go join their own special private airline club. Those of us who think that this TSA screening is out of line have no intention of submitting to this sort of travesty.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Actually, if I'm gonna be groped, I insist on a person of the opposite sex. And they have to be hot. I object to another man touching me, but not a woman. Or, maybe I'm gay, so the opposite sex is the same as the same sex for me.

  • Craig 3 years ago

    In response to WOW.

    You are fool to give up your liberties for the the 'appearance' of safety. I am not comfortable with these ridiculous screenings, and outraged at the way these TSA morons treat passengers.

    I am a 16 year combat veteran who held top secret clearences and honorably gave this country YEARS of my life to defending it's Constitution... then I have a fat slob of a TSA agent talking down to me while telling his TSA co-workers about the 'mo-fo' that he ' flat knocked on his b!tch @ss' at the bar the night before. THAT is the class of people working in the TSA?

    How about some respect from the TSA to the U.S. citizens? I earned mine, maybe the TSA should begin doing the same.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither

  • Freedom > safety 3 years ago

    Then you and your fellow sheep need to get the hell out of the Land of the Free, and take these self-appointed, pseudo-government fascists that believe they can do whatever they wish in the name of public safety. How about some self-responsibility? Stop asking the government to protect you from every little possible threat by taking away every possible little freedom.
    Freedom isn't free: It demands the blood of the brave. Fear means we have already lost.

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