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Total Leadership Connections™ Goes for a Touchdown

No Revenge Here
No Revenge Here
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

What do you do when you cannot catch the pass and the game is lost?

Do you rant and rave like a Richard Sherman or behave like a Tom Brady and simply shake hands with winning quarterback Peyton Manning?

One of the graduates from Total Leadership Connections ™ (TLC) just called me to tell me that “good behavior” absolutely trumps being a jerk.

As he tells it,

"I was in line for the Senior VP position at my company. The one I had dedicated 12 years to and lots of overtime and weekend work."

"The ball was thrown, but not to me."

"So I dug in to be the best in my job I could be. And then the VP got sick and had to go on medical leave. Again, I was in position to catch the ball."

"It got ugly. One of my colleagues did some behind closed doors stuff and yup, he got the job."

"I was furious and wanted revenge. What a sweet word, revenge. I remembered what I learned in TLC about behavior patterns and how old, outdated ways of responding come to the surface when stress is high. I felt the old victim mentality bubbling up and I was going to get back in bed, put the covers over my head and sulk."

"Except, I remembered what I had learned in TLC and decided that I would continue to do a good job, no I mean a great job and at least start looking for options. What I learned in TLC was that it is all in the timing and throwing the ball too soon or too late can lose the game."

As I listened to him I really wondered why he sounded so upbeat and, well exuberant. Here is the rest of the story.

"Tell everyone that you are right. Sometimes dong the right thing really does win. I got a call three weeks ago to apply for a CEO position in a much larger organization. I had not started my search yet. So I figured it would be good practice moving forward. And, yesterday I found out I got the job."

"Just like any top grade quarterback, you have to learn to harness the behavior patterns that will make you over stressed and miss the mark".

In this year will be plenty of times to make your mark or miss it. Take the PatternAware™ quiz and find out what behaviors YOU need to tackle.

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