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Tortuga Music Festival saves our oceans

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The ocean holds a special place in our hearts and on April 12th and 13th, a music festival filled with fun and philanthropy will take place on the shores of Ft. Lauderdale to 'Help Save Our Seas.' The city of sun and surf will rock South Florida as it welcomes Rock The Ocean's' Tortuga Music Festival.

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'Rock The Ocean' is solely dedicated to supporting scientific research and education, all the while, bringing a greater awareness to the issues that have continually plagued our oceans. The mission of this charitable organization is to reduce overfishing, stop shark finning and try to control reef degradation. Through this exciting musical festival, 'Rock The Ocean' will show you what an impact we can all make. Every year, 39 million tons of unwanted fish are inhumanely killed and then dumped right back into the ocean. Sharks are part of the ocean's natural ecosystem but their population continues to shrink in record numbers. We must put a stop to this. One of the culprits of reef degradation is the destructive lionfish, a fish that devours everything on the reef and in its path. We must do our best to try and wipe out this species once and for all.

Through the tireless efforts of this organization, they make ocean conservation their top priority and reach out to water enthusiasts and conservationists through benefit concerts, brand partnerships and entertainment industry events.

Strong support from partners such as Diver's Direct, Guy Harvey, South Florida Ford, Huka Entertainment and Corona Extra make this event possible with a gracious generosity.

Some of the biggest names in music will be here to perform for a packed crowd at Rock The Ocean's Tortuga Music Festival. Sheryl Crow, Ziggy Marley, 38 Special, Luke Bryan and Eric Church are just some of the headliners that will make their way to the stage.

Learning about the ocean can be informative and fun as you make sure to visit Guy Harvey's Conservation Village at the Tortuga Music Festival. Attendees will have the amazing opportunity to learn even more about the ocean, about marine wildlife, take part in interactive games, and above all, learn how each one of us can play an active role in saving our oceans and practicing ocean conservation.

If you don't feel like worrying about parking, the water taxi and shuttle transportation will be on hand to transport guests back and forth.

Other than being in the water and scuba diving, what better way to spend a weekend? For more information, go to