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Toronto mayor Rob Ford tweets to set clocks back for Daylight Savings Time

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Toronto's embattled mayor Rob Ford has just made a big gaffe on Twitter by way of a message encouraging people to set back their clocks an hour with the advent of Daylight Savings Time, which returns today. Needless to say, other Twitter users were quick to point out the errors and Ford was quick to correct his message.

Still, though, the whole situation is rather funny.

For the record, Daylight Savings Time will arrive at 2am local time throughout North America. Hopefully, you have set your clocks ahead an hour before you went to bed (or will do so before going to bed if you're still awake) so as to avoid being an hour off schedule come Sunday morning.

For astronomers, the time change will bring a change to observing patterns as, thanks to the time being pushed ahead an hour, one will have to stay up an hour later than yesterday to observe under dark skies. The good news: at least for now, daybreak will come an hour later but, thanks to the lengthening of the days, this bonus will not last long, so get out and observe in the morning soon!

For more info:
The Toronto Star

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