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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford new video footage hints to public stupor

Rob Ford had a drunk escapade at a fast food restaurant this week. According to CNN on Jan. 22, Ford admits to drinking after a video of the mayor surfaces.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford November 15, 2013 has less powers due to his alcohol and drug abuse.
Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim/Getty Images

Clearly Toronto's mayor isn't sober enough to see he needs to order food to go with his alcoholic rant, not try-out for a terrible stand-up comedy bit. Viewer beware, he uses explicit words.

Apparently he has fooled his brother, Doug Ford, who says, he doesn't believe Rob has had a drink since last fall, and doesn't believe the video is current, according to The Toronto Sun.

The video appears to be from a fast food steak restaurant, according to Toronto CBC News. In the footage he rambles on about, "hiding" something, or someone. But his unconscious mind doesn't allow him to clearly complete sentences, the world may never know what he was trying to say about hiding, other than being bad at hiding his use of smoking crack cocaine, and drinking binges, while being mayor.

Ford's drunken video is so bad, gibberish translators might be in demand if Ford continues his impaired nights on the town. News reports are stating Ford's cursing is in Jamaican. Maybe it's time for Facebook to add Jamaican translation?

During a Toronto public hearing, Ford admitted to purchasing drugs within the last two years, but answered that he "absolutely" doesn't have addiction problems with alcohol or illicit drugs. Although some might disagree with Ford's public answers after these emerging videos of him, which suggest he might need to consider rehab instead of drunken gibberish videos.

At the end of the footage, Ford rambles on that he's a "straight-up guy," person, steak, or something. But the question remains, can he admit to substance abuse?

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