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Tori Spelling other woman Emily Goodhand does exist despite TMZ assertions

Emily Goodhand
Emily Goodhand

Update: Emily Goodhand's sponsor doesn't work for production company associated with "True Tori" but does work with one associated with Dean McDermott's reality show "Chopped Canada". This could be reason that Emily Goodhand's web presence was scrubbed and what all involved were trying to hide. A&E/Lifetime nor Goodhand's sponsor have not responded to my inquiries.

On the April 22, 2014 episode of “TMZ on TV”, TMZ news director Mike Walters claimed that "[Emily Goodhand] doesn't exist. In all the ways to check that people exist, she doesn't exist." While a very good clear scrubbing of her online and other persona has occurred, it was impossible to remove all traces of Emily Goodhand from the internet.

This link shows that Emily Goodhand attended the “Brockton Presents Get Your Paint On” charity event at 442a Dufferin St. in Toronto, Canada on Fri. Nov 22, 2013 which started at 10:30 p.m. It also shows that she had a facebook account which has since been deleted and very thoroughly scrubbed. The event in question occurred before the news broke about Emily Goodhand having an affair with Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott.

Mike Walters later in that segment of “TMZ on TV” goes on to say "This is all made up from scratch." which could be true but might not be. Emily Goodhand did run in a charity walk in Toronto on Sept 7-8, 2013 and was sponsored by a man who works for a Toronto based company that provides mobile production and studio facilities for movies and TV but it is not the company behind Tori's new reality show. Goodhand's walk sponsor didn't respond to my Jan 7, 2014 inquiry.

Recently TMZ was called out by The Smoking Gun for a story about convicted killer Jodi Arias supposedly filing lawsuits against Nancy Grace and Sheriff Joe Arpaio which all indications seem to be filed by Jonathon Lee Riches. This could be reason for TMZ's skepticism in questioning Tori Spelling's integrity but creating a fake persona is much easier than the partial scrubbing that was attempted. Besides, Jonathon Lee Riches has fooled many members of the media including the filing of lawsuits under the name of Alison Michelle Ernst who has been charged for throwing a shoe at Hillary Clinton. These lawsuits were cited by many members of the press as to Ernst's supposed motive behind her throwing of the shoe.