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2014 Winter Olympics

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Topless Olympic skier pictures offensive? Sexier images might be fake (photo)

Topless Olympic skier on the mountain top
Topless Olympic skier on the mountain top screen shot

Seen the topless Olympic skier photos of Jackie Chamoun? The uproar over Olympic athlete’s decision to pose for a calendar has some American viewers wondering why all the drama. The photos of Jackie Chamoun in the 2014 calendar show skin, but not completely naked like people are implying. There are explicit pictures that were never meant to be public, but rumors suggest that some of the photographs are digitally manipulated and might not be the athlete. According to ABC News on Wednesday, Jackie Chamoun apologized for the photos even though she didn't authorize any pictures outside of what was seen in the calendar.

The outcry has people trying to find Jackie Chamoun's naked pictures online. Only problem is that the majority of the photos online don’t offer up too much to show unless it the material comes from the behind-the-scenes action of the calendar. The calendar images available online very limited too, but there appears to be plenty fake images to review causing quite a bit of confusion and putting the athlete under the spotlight.

Jackie Chamoun, 22, is one of just two Lebanese Olympians in Sochi. She is expected to compete in the slalom and giant slalom skiing events and everyone hopes she won’t pull out. The Lebanese Olympic Committee has no plans to exclude her from the Winter Games at this time despite the controversy and the Olympic athlete has already apologized for the images she didn't know were released. Hopefully she can go out and focus on her sport instead of trying to deal with all the opinions over this situation. Then again, maybe this unwanted spotlight will help her career!

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