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Top ten must own rares from the 'Magic 2013 Core Set'

Just because a "Magic: The Gathering" card is expensive doesn't mean that it's good. If you are lucky enough to open one of the hot new mythic rares like Ajani, Caller of the Pride, Sublime Archangel, Thundermaw Hellkite, or any of the other "Top ten "M13" chase rares" from Wizards of the Coast's upcoming "Magic 2013 Core Set" then consider trading it for these must own rares which you'll find yourself using again and again for years to come.

Top ten must own rares from M13
Wizards of the Coast
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Wizards of the Coast

Cathedral of War
A land that can go into any colored deck as a four of? You'll certainly want to be adding Cathedral of War to your "Magic: The Gathering" card collection.

Disciple of Bolas
Disciple of Bolas is a sleeper rare just begging to be abused in exalted deck packing Knight of Infamy or combined with awesome new equipment like Ring of Xathrid. Disciple of Bolas helps give black players additional fuel in the form of life and card advantage. What's not to love?

Dragonskull Summit
Your deck's mana base is fundamental in making sure it operates correctly. If you haven't already picked up a play set of all five "M10" lands then you're in luck. "M13" makes them even more affordable than ever.

Hellion Crucible
Hellion Crucible is a threat that can't be countered by Mana Leak or Rewind and can play a pivotal role against control decks packing powerful board sweepers such as Day of Judgment, Terminus, and Devastation Tide thanks to having haste.

With "Return to Ravnica" promising to bring back dual lands, it'll be possible to run a multicolored deck abusing Mutilate. Black doesn't get many mass removal spells. Killing Wave lets your opponent keep their creature if they can pay the price. Life's Finale is expensive and about to rotate. Neither of those two cards is as powerful. If you plan on playing black control, you're going to need a play set of Mutilate. Throw in Liliana of the Veil for good measure.

Krenko / Nefarox / Talrand / Odric / Yeva
"Commander" players will want to pick up one of each new legendary creature in "M13." Luckily, you'll be able to snag a foil version from the five "M13" intro packs: "Mob Rule," "Sole Domination," "Depths of Power," "Path to Victory," and "Wild Rush."

Gilded Lotus
Like Somberwald Sage, Gilded Lotus can enable powerful high costed plays significantly early. Be it Nichol Bolas or a wacky deck trying to abuse Primal Surge or Worldfire, Gilded Lotus can help provide the mana you need to cast your spells.

Planar Cleansing
It may not be as sexy compared to Day of Judgment, however Planar Cleansing is the new white mass removal spell. It's important to note that Planar Cleansing deals with pesky planeswalkers such as Garruk, Primal Hunter, Jace, Memory Adept, and Chandra, the Firebrand.

Rhox Faithmender
Any time a "Magic: The Gathering" card features the word "double" you should take heed. When combined with Vault of the Archangel or Drogskol Reave you'll be able to gain a whopping amount of life. Rhox Faithmender is a key enabler for Chalice of Life based decks.

Ground Seal
A strategic sideboard card that replaces itself? Take that Griselbrand.

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