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Top ten most expensive 'Magic: The Gathering' cards from 'Magic 2013 Core Set'

Like every "Magic: The Gathering" set released by Wizards of the Coast, the "Magic 2013 Core Set" (aka "M13") features several cards that are worth significantly more than the price of a booster pack. Knowing the value of your cards is essential during trading, otherwise you might easily be ripped off. Here are the top ten "M13" money cards (in no particular order):

M13 money cards
Wizards of the Coast
M13 logo
Wizards of the Coast

Be on the lookout for these hot chase rares in your "M13" sealed deck and draft pools in your local game store or on "Magic Online." These "M13" money cards can be used to fund future events or trade for an overwhelming amount of lesser priced "Magic: The Gathering" cards.

As a general rule, "Magic: The Gathering" cards are worth their most during a set release until tournament results begin to affect prices. The vast majority of new "Magic" cards will decrease in value the longer a set has been in circulation as more players acquire the cards. Only a few cards will raise in value - those which prove themselves to be format defining.

Because the value of "Magic: The Gathering" cards can fluctuate rapidly, always look up the prices of all cards in a trade using the same website. An internet connected mobile phone can help save you hundreds of dollars when making "Magic: The Gathering" trades.

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