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Top Kenyan Islamist, Al Shabaab recruiter assassinated in Mombasa

A well-known Kenyan Islamist, who supported Somalia's deadly terrorist group Al Shabaab and advocated killing Christians, was shot and killed in the city of Mombasa on Tuesday, according to Theresa Belgrave, a former police intelligence analyst specializing in Muslim terrorism.

Makaburi believed Kenyan Christians should be slaughtered by Muslims.
Kenyan PD

The 61-year-old radical Muslim leader Abubakar Shariff, a/k/a Makaburi, was met by a hail of bullets as he left a court building where he was attending a hearing with a still unidentified man. According to reports, a car approached the two men waiting for their transportation and they were gunned down by at least two men using automatic weapons.

Makaburi's bullet-ridden corpse was observed by many Kenyans in the area many of whom were the Islamist's associates and supporters. Several of them told the police officers to leave Makaburi's body with them and made threats of violence, according to reports.

At that point, according to African news media, police fired into the air which quickly dispersed the angry mob.

Makaburi's death may be used to create a "martyr" for Kenyan Muslims to rally around and may result in a repeat of Muslim youths clashing with police as they did in February after a man was killed during a police raid on a mosque suspected of harboring radicals. Makaburi had often said he vehemently supports the killing of Christians in Mombasa.

In September 2013, an Al Shabaab attack on the largest shopping mall in Nairobi left 67 people were dead and scores were wounded, according to an Examiner report.

The following December, as reported by Examiner, a terrorist attack on a city bus in Nairobi, Kenya killed five passengers. The terrorists used a grenade in the incident and the perpetrators were identified as members of Somalia's Al Shabaab.

Kenya is currently in the midst of attempting to curtail Al Shabaab recruitment within its Muslim community. While there are no reports of their involvement in terrorism, the family of U.S. President Barack Obama, who still live in Kenya, are known to be devout Muslims.

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