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Top 5 Pot themed energy drinks

Marijuana themed energy drinks
Marijuana themed energy drinks

Now that we live in Colorado, if people are not talking about the broncos, they are talking of how our state is doing surrounded by the green haze. Marijuana stores are everywhere, and every store from your smaller tourist shops to the convenience stores to the liquor stores are selling some form of Weed themed beverages.

There is a big reason these can be sold in stores across the state - as these drinks below don't actually contain any actual THC (there is a brand of THC energy drink sold in the state - so keep our eyes peeled for a review coming soon). But these are safe to drink anywhere, and have just enough novelty to get a good chuckle .

5. Cannabis Energy drink
This is the most popular around the Denver area, but it is probably the least fun of the cannabis themed drinks on the market. It supposedly has hemp oil in it, but not quite enough to really change the awful flavor of bad energy clone. On top of that, they really did not have as much as they should have for a stoner themed energy drink. Still, there is no denying it is all about Weed - as the only thing going for it is the name.
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4. The Hypnotic Chronic Energy drink
This tastes much like Cannabis energy - like a bad Red Bull clone. The difference is that this is designed with a lot more fun involved. Firstly, the same is Hypnotic Chronic - full of swirls and hippie lettering. If you did not care for taste and just wanted something cool to give to your buddies as a joke then this would be the drink for you. Not much energy and not much flavor, but a most awesome can.
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3. Hemp Infused Dank Energy Drink
Dank looks awesome. Dank has a great buzz. Unfortunately, Dank tastes like a blah red bull. For as good as this looks, I can forgive how boring this tastes. If you buy this for the packaging, don't bother opening it up - just enjoy the novelty of it.
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2. Chillo energy drink
While this does not have pot or a clever colloquial version of it, this is still totally one to go for if you find it. Chillo tastes like weed! Just so you don't think this is a normal drink there is a big pot leaf on the front. It definitely has the best flavor - like a big herbal explosion and it actually works great with the Red Bull flavor. While I wish this had a bigger burst of energy, it is definitely a winner.
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1. C-Swiss Hemp Iced Tea
Hemp in the name. Weed on the label. It also comes in a paper energy drink can! Even if you don't like Marijuana - this tea is one of the best I have had the privilege of trying. The package is amazing, the taste is out-of-this-world and the buzz is serious and will get you movin'. If you are looking for something weed friendly and you are sadly not living in Colorado or Washington, this might be your best bet.
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