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Top 5 features lost when ‘City of Heroes’ shut down

Players are still wounded by the closure of “City of Heroes,” and even though it’s a good idea to move on, there is no harm in looking back at the features missed most from its departure. There are a lot of things to miss about the game; however, these are five things I miss the most.

Screenshots from City of Heroes
Screenshots from City of Heroes
Paragon Studios
A rogue mastermind in Paragon City
Paragon Studios

MMO gamers are no strangers to pet classes, but the mastermind archetype was the ultimate pet class. With at least five minions at your disposal and options like thugs, ninjas, robots, zombies, animals, and demons, masterminds had something for just about everyone. Not to mention, no other game lets a literal gang of folks attack your enemies almost constantly quite like a thug mastermind with the Gang War ability enhanced just right.

An Enjoyable Confuse
Controllers and Dominators were confuse professionals in “City of Heroes.” Plenty of MMOs have confuse, but the status effect in this game was amazing. Not only could players mass confuse a number of enemies, but those confused would attack their friends and still take damage. Confusion may exist in other MMOs, but it’s not quite as rewarding.

Custom Content with Rewards
The Mission Architect was this game’s custom content generator. It was a flexible tool to create unique and varied missions. A handful of games feature an editor like this; however, none seem to grasp the idea of using custom content as a one-stop means of leveling. In “City of Heroes,” players could completely rely on the Mission Architect to level, get better enhancements, and progress fully through the game’s level cap with relative ease.

Gender Swapping
After a small one-time fee in the game’s item mall, a player could freely switch gender at any time. This was completed by changing the gender in one or more of a gamer’s costume slots. A simple button press to switch costumes resulted in a full gender swap. It seems like a little thing, but the ability to wear whatever you want on whatever body you want gave the player immense freedom for any situation.

The Neutrality System
“City of Heroes” had a plethora of free issue updates, but the only traditional expansion it ever got was called “Going Rogue.” This expansion let players move between the two hero and villain factions through a system of missions and gradation. Heroes could become vigilantes and then later become villains. Villains could become rogues before becoming a hero. The best part of the transition was the ability for vigilantes and rogues to complete content available to both heroes and villains; something previously inaccessible to players.

Those are just five things to miss about the game. Bank missions, zone events, blind auctions, and more are all something squandered. Although these features can be found in other games, they are just not the same as they were in Paragon City or the Rogue Isles. For one reason or another, the MMO genre is a little better for having experienced them in “City of Heroes” and a little worse for having lost them with its closure.

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