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Top 3 vintage hot roller sets to sell on eBay

Vintage hot rollers are a good seller on eBay.
Vintage hot rollers are a good seller on eBay.

Vintage hair rollers are a popular item on eBay. Older sets made in the 1970s and 1980s heat up faster, heat up to a higher temperature, and stay hot longer than hair rollers made today. Some users love the sets from yesteryear and look to eBay to find the exact set they used to have. It doesn’t matter that the vintage hot rollers are 30-40 years old, as long as the unit still works, the buyer is usually happy. Vintage enthusiasts recreating vintage hairstyles also seek the older hot roller sets.

Here are the top 3 brands of vintage hot rollers to resell on eBay:

Lady Shick Lasting Curls. This set also includes steam for heating up the rollers. It is a square unit with 6 large rollers, 4 medium rollers, and 4 small rollers. The rollers can be yellow, white, or blue. Selling prices on eBay can be up to $90.

Clairol Kindness Instant Hairsetter. These sets were common in the 1970s. If your household didn't have one, a neighbor's certainly did. The unit is rectangular, blue on the bottom and clear on the top with a carrying handle. The set included 6 large rollers, 10 medium rollers, and 4 small rollers. The curlers are made of a hard acrylic material with spikes for grabbing onto the hair and to avoid sliding out of the clips. Clairol Kindness vintage hot rollers can sell for over $60 when in good condition and all pieces are included.

Windmere Gentle Curls Flocked Rollers. A flocked hot roller has a smooth outer surface covered with a velvet type material. This is easier on the hair and causes less damage. This set comes in a rectangular unit with a plastic cover. This set contains 24 rollers in 3 sizes. Windmere Gentle Curls flocked rollers can sell on eBay for between $40 - $50 when in good condition.

If the set is incomplete, try to sell it anyway. Replacement clips can be purchased at most beauty supply stores, so don’t let the lack of clips stop you from trying to sell the item. Also, someone may be looking for replacement rollers. If the unit does not work or heat up, part out the rollers and clips. It is not advisable to sell the non-working electrical base. Customers often do not read the listing.