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Top 3 most popular PlayStation 4 games revealed

Since the PlayStation 4 has been revealed, there has been an enormous amount of talk regarding the performance of PS4 pre-orders thus far, but the games for the PS4 have also been doing very well.

What do you think?
What do you think?
Have you pre-ordered any PS4 games yet?

According to information uncovered by today, ShopTo spokesman James Rowson talked about a few of the upcoming PlayStation 4 titles that have been doing the best in the way of pre-orders.

"[The PlayStation 4 has] been backed up by the various software titles, they’re doing well.

"'Killzone' and 'Watch Dogs' are the two favourites but 'DriveClub’s' been doing pretty well as well," Rowson said.

These titles may not come as surprises to many people, but it's interesting to note these, above some of the other titles that are out there right now.

"Watch Dogs" should be releasing at the same time with the PS4, and many expect the game to also hit the next-generation Microsoft console.

"Killzone Shadow Fall" and "DriveClub" are both going to be exclusive games for the PlayStation 4.

With the Microsoft console making little noise at this point, it'll be interesting to see how it fares whenever it is announced.


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