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Top 10 ways to use potato peels

Potato Skins
Potato Skins

Here is a list of ten (10) things that you can do with these nutritious morsels. In most cases, just pull out the amount of peels that you need from the freezer and let thaw in the fridge first:

(Please refer to the article Green Recipes 101: How to prepare potato peels before attempting any of the items listed below. It explains how to prepare the potato peels referred to in this top 10 list.)

  1. Make potato skins. They are so much tastier and a heck of a lot more nutritious than store bought ones. Plus, you can add the toppings you like, instead of those that a restaurant makes you choose. To make it a meal-add some protein (like beans) and serve a side salad. Dinner is served!
  2. Dice them up, add onions, and make hash browns. Perfect for breakfast or use as a side dish to any meal.
  3. Pulse them in a food processor a couple of times and make smashed potatoes. Add a smidge of sour cream to the pot (along with milk, butter, and garlic) while they are heating on the stovetop.
  4. If you must eat fast food, why not do it yourself? How about slicing them into slivers and make homemade shoe string potatoes. Use the good oil, drain well, and limit portions. The kids love these!
  5. Chop them up and/or puree and make delicious homemade cream of potato soup. Perfect for cool, fall evenings.
  6. Toss them into the pan with a roast during the last 30 minutes of baking, or mix into your favorite casserole. This adds vitamins and flavor.
  7. Use them in leftover meatloaf or roast beef sandwiches. Slice the peels (while still cold but not frozen) paper thin and feather them over the meat. It makes the meal more filling and full of good stuff.
  8. Prepare the smashed potatoes (refer to item #3) and use it to cover a meat pie filled with leftovers. Your family will never know they are eating leftovers while digging into that bubbly goodness.
  9. After you make the peels, try cutting off the ends of the raw potato, with the skin still on, and poke toothpicks on all four sides. Then place into a small (recycled) glass jar, filled with water, and position it on a window sill. They make great indoor plants!
  10. And, if all else fails, and the taters are too far gone to be cooked-put them in your mulch pile. They will help to feed your plants next season.

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