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Too hot to go outside? Get organized!

Fridge and pantry
Fridge and pantry

You live in one of those areas where summer heat - and perhaps humidity - makes it too unpleasant to spend much time outdoors.  In addition to finding relaxing activities to pass the time, like taking a swim, watching a movie, or finishing a good book, you can also make time to get organized.

Pick a trouble spot in your home - small or large - turn on the A/C, pour yourself a favorite summertime thirst quencher, and get it done.  Use these ideas with links to Get Organized articles to help you step-by-step:

  • With children home on summer vacation, chances are that the fridge and pantry aren't as neat as usual, and it's getting harder to find essential cooking ingredients as well as snacks and condiments (where's my salsa?!!).  Recruit your kids to help you on this project.
  • Summertime is a great time to take a serious look at your clothes closet and your shoe collection to sort out the items you really love and prepare the rest for a sizeable donation to a favorite charity.
  • When was the last time you organized the items in your linen closet?  As a popular catch-all space in the home, it may be time to straighten its contents so you can find family essentials quickly and easily.
  • A sure sign of a hectic lifestyle is a messy bathroom, with a cluttered countertop, overstuffed drawers, and random items on hooks and discarded on the floors.  Get this important space organized for health and efficiency.
  • What better time to organize your kids' rooms than when they're at home to help?  Depending on their ages, your children can make some decisions about what to keep and toss, how to arrange the furniture, and what habits they need to keep their rooms neat and clean.
  • Rediscover the relaxing space the adults in your household need by organizing your master bedroom.  By sorting, cleaning, and reorganizing the space, you can create the peaceful environment you deserve.
  • The home office is often a collection point for paying bills, storing family files, keeping photographs and videos, and perhaps managing a business.  Take some time to organize this space so you can find what you need when you need it.
  • Whether they're paper files, electronic documents, email messages, or photos and videos, your files can become as cluttered as your family possessions.  Use a step-by-step process to sort, toss, and organize all.
  • The coolest spot in your home this summer may be the basement, so plan to sort it out, clean it up, and get it organized for the purpose you want. 

Post your ideas for summertime organizing here, and click on "subscribe" to be informed of future Get Organized articles.


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