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Tom Cruise, ‘Mission Impossible 4’ transforms Vancouver into India (Video)

Walking in the brisk evening air of Vancouver only steps from the Vancouver Convention Centre the localson Friday night could tell they are filming 'Mission Impossible 4’ with the cameras but you might think you are in Bangalore, India. The area has been completely redone to include a whole different feel including street hawkers, pedicabs and Tom Cruise.

Filming in the dark of the night, the actor has been doing a sequence of scenes for the upcoming movie and while here in the United States, the fans may go crazy, it appears to be business as usual in Canada. The filming has been happening so late and without too much incident, there doesn’t to be too many folks checking it out. Even the Canadian paparazzi appear to be home in bed.

When looking at the video clips from the scenes that are being shot for Mission Impossible 4 (we have placed it in the video box) the decor is so authentic looking that it is mouth dropping. From the details to the noise it is transformed in a brilliant way that can only be done for a movie.

While the filming was on Friday and was anticipated to last through the weekend, we sure hope Tom Cruise doesn’t get too cold up there as it is downright chilly in the night air. Yes, it doesn't appear to be too warm in Canada.

Take a look at the front of the Vancouver Convention Centre in the video clip. Or is that Bangalore, India? Yes, it is Canada, but we had to look twice too!


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