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‘Today’s Fix’ says fixing Obamacare isn’t over

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Well, of course not. While Sean Sullivan’s story speaks the truth at the headline level, it misses the deeper point. He says that the battle about Obamacare will spill over into Election 2014, but the reason isn’t just about the Affordable Care Law and associated system. It is about how America intends to address citizens’ needs for necessities that have not been met by the failed capitalist economic system.

The political battle is about the economic model of the future. It is about changing the system and the rules.

Capitalism as we know it is unsustainable.

The failed capitalist economic system is symptomized by skewed wealth concentration that deprives citizens of sufficient opportunity and resources to become self-sufficient. We have become what economist Noam Chomsky describes as salary slaves.

We the People are falling victim to the American political system that has been corrupted by wealthy entities that are buying influence to maintain control over citizens which are becoming increasingly disenfranchised.

Conservatives confuse the issue by claiming that the free market system is the best way forward while the evidence demonstrates that it may not be. But, we are held captive by the rule makers.

If we all had a direct financial stake in the our corporations, for instance, as if we were “business owners,” we all might do better. But, we don’t. Instead, we are wage earners working for bankers and capitalists.

Here is a post that explains one of Chomsky’s views as he has also appeared on a recent Public Broadcasting program.


He’s quite accurate. Most oppression succeeds because its legitimacy is internalized. That’s true of the most extreme cases. Take, say, slavery. It wasn’t easy to revolt if you were a slave, by any means. But if you look over the history of slavery, it was in some sense recognized as just the way things are. We’ll do the best we can under this regime.

Another example, also contemporary (it’s estimated that there are some 26 million slaves in the world), is women’s rights.

There the oppression is extensively internalized and accepted as legitimate and proper. It’s still true today, but it’s been true throughout history. Take working people. At one time in the U.S., in the mid-19th century, working for wage labor was considered not very different from chattel slavery. That was the slogan of the Republican Party, the banner under which northern workers went to fight in the Civil War. We’re against chattel slavery and wage slavery.

Free people do not rent themselves to others. Maybe you’re forced to do it temporarily, but that’s only on the way to becoming a free person, a free man, to put it in the rhetoric of the day. You become a free man when you’re not compelled to take orders from others.

That’s an Enlightenment ideal. Incidentally, this was not coming from European radicalism. There were workers in Lowell, Massachusetts, a couple of miles from where we are. You could even read editorials in the New York Times saying this around that time. It took a long time to drive into people’s heads the idea that it is legitimate to rent yourself. Now that’s unfortunately pretty much accepted. So that’s internalizing oppression. Anyone who thinks it’s legitimate to be a wage laborer is internalizing oppression in a way which would have seemed intolerable to people in the mills 150 years ago."

“Why fixing won’t fix the fight over Obamacare


December 2 at 6:30 am

Democrats and Republicans disagree about a lot when it comes to President Obama's signature health-care law. But on one point, there is consensus: Obamacare is about much more than

That's precisely why improving the Web site, as the Obama administration announced Sunday it had done by its self-imposed Nov. 30 deadline, won't spare it a prolonged political battle that promises to spill over into 2014.”



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