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See also: Donald Sterling asks V. Stiviano to stop 100 audio hours

The Donald Sterling situation continues to grow on April 28, with reporting that V. Stiviano has more than 100 hours of audio of extended conversations with the L.A. Clippers owner, a portion of which is reportedly extremely damaging to Sterling.

Stiviano also may be penning a book, says the gossip website, because her Instagram page has been constantly adding tags such as #RandomHouse and #Simon&Schuster to her uploaded posts.

She is being painted as a woman scorned, one upset that Sterling and the Clippers sided with Sterling’s wife Shelly in her lawsuit filed against the vixen, claiming Stiviano not only stole her husband’s affections but only $1.8 million. Stiviano seemingly has the upper hand in this situation, with Sterling allegedly asking his ex-girlfriend what he can do to make the crisis go away.

Meanwhile, the extended audio of a man who’s alleged to be Sterling talking with his estranged girlfriend is getting plenty of replay on, the website that released the exclusive 5-minute and 41-second long recording.

"If it makes you happy, I will remove all the black people from my Instagram," a woman reported to be Stiviano says on the audio from Deadspin, which is rife with intermittent questions about getting the man who is thought to be Sterling juice, therefore pointing to the fact that these audio recordings were made in person, and not strictly via phone conversations.

"I didn't remove Matt Kemp and Magic Johnson. But I thought Matt Kemp was mixed, so he's okay. He's lighter, whiter than me," the woman says.

"You think I'm a racist? Evil heart," claims the man, as they launch into a discussion about race relations around the world. “You go to Israel, the blacks are treated like dogs.”

“Is that right?” she asks.

“150%,” he says.

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