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'Tis the season: Why you should continue your job search through the holidays

You may be thinking that companies have ceased their hiring activity because the holidays are approaching. As such, you may be tempted to do what others are doing and relax your job-seeking efforts. But according to experts, taking an end-of-the-year break from looking for your dream job could be a big mistake.

Hiring continues - even during holidays

The holidays are a time for people to loosen up a little and focus on spending quality time with family and friends. But businesses aren't people. The same needs that drive hiring all year long continue right up to the last day on the calender. In addition, many companies are trying to fill vacancies that may be removed from the budget for the following year. Or, they may have temporary positions open for end-of-the-year projects. Still other companies are planning ahead and are looking to hire for new openings that will be coming available. In short, most larger businesses continue their personnel activities in full force despite the holiday season.

Tips for holiday job seekers

Even though the tendency is to take a break from job-seeking activities, you may actually benefit from ramping them up a bit. The holidays hold some distinct advantages for those who are proactive. Here are a few holiday job-seeking tips to remember:

  • Revamp your resume. The end of the year is a good time to update your skills, accomplishments, and relevant experience. Make sure your resume is well-written and polished to perfection. Don't forget to update your personal and business references as well.
  • Be flexible. You may be tempted to list your availability date for employment after the start of the new year. But companies often want to get people hired and paperwork processed as soon as possible. Make a point of telling your potential employer that you are ready and willing to go to work right away.
  • Attend holiday parties. It just sounds like fun, but every family gathering, community get-together, and civic event is a chance to network with people you already know, meet new contacts, and ultimately, land your next job.

Who says that the holiday season is a bad time to look for a job? Many industries such as the hospitality industry do the bulk of their hiring during the holidays. And businesses in general do not cease hiring just because of the holidays. Take advantage of the fact that others will be taking a break from their job-seeking activities. Get your resume in order and hit the holiday trail. You may just land the job of your dreams.

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