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Tips on finding your interior décor style and making it work

It may seem like a no brainer, but it is actually very difficult for many to pin point what their style is when decorating and designing their ideal home. Often a homeowner will be fraught with conflict over styles because they may feel many styles appeal to them. This is common, and you'll be pleased to know, you don't have to fit your creative likings into any particular category. However, it is helpful to identify your most prominent design styles and learn how to make them work together. Why? Well its about flow and having a pulled together home. Homes that are too mismatched can be unsettling to spend time in. As human beings, we're designed by nature to seek out patterns in chaos, when we can't we have an unsettling reaction to it.

The first thing that is key in identifying your design style is simply taking a look around your home and taking note of those things you see repeating. As mentioned in the first paragraph, we naturally seek out patterns in chaos and we do so many times on a subconscious level with our home décor too. Go room by room and take note of the top three most prominent images. Whether it's a work of art, a piece of furniture, drapes or the floor, list them. Secondly we want to tackle colors. Do you see repeating colors through out the room? If so, take note of them. Thirdly, take notice of textures and repeating shapes. For the final step, I would urge you to try and identify that which you don't like in the space and that which you love.

If you make a list of these observations room by room you will see your own patterns emerging, thus your style is more prevalent than you may have realized. Your style may follow basic concepts as opposed to more recognized ones but nonetheless they are there. Once you have established your own personal pattern profile based on colors, shapes, textures and design, you're ready to move on to an important step in the final breakdown, eliminating or correcting that which you don't like in each space. By rooting these things out or correcting them using your personal list to go by, you'll find your home will have a wonderfully unique, yet consistent style that is all you. Remember also, each room does not have to be jammed packed with everything you love. Keep the beauty as simple as you can, and streamline what your eyes see and watch the magic happen. You'll find each room has a calmer more beautiful energy, and that is what makes a house a home.

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