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Timeshia Brown newspaper ad calls out husband, pregnant mistress in grand way

Timeshia Brown's newspaper ad has gone viral
Timeshia Brown's newspaper ad has gone viral
Screencap via Christian Post

People are buzzing about the Timeshia Brown newspaper ad that cleverly called out her cheating husband and his allegedly pregnant mistress. The Christian Post shared the scoop on March 4.

The ad went viral on Reddit, and it seems it initially came via an east Texas newspaper. The Timeshia Brown newspaper ad says that she would like to congratulate Patrick Brown and Shara Cormier on the baby they are expecting. It's then signed "Always, Patrick's wife, Timeshia Brown.”

Little else about the situation has been uncovered, though some media outlets do think they've found some of the parties involved. However, none of them seem to be game to speak out about the situation. While the Timeshia Brown newspaper ad certainly gets the point across, most would bet that not even Timeshia expected the small ad to go quite so viral. Chances are that Patrick and Shara are feeling a wee bit embarrassed about it all at this point.

The reaction to Timeshia Brown's newspaper ad seems to be generally supportive and positive, as the spurned wife got in her digs without getting truly ugly, nasty or physical. What's the status of Timeshia, Patrick and Shara now? That much nobody seems to know.