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Time for South Florida sunshine and scuba diving

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The next couple of weekends we will all,thankfully, be water bound in South Florida.

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It just wouldn't be fair to think that the Easter Bunny only has fun on land. On Saturday, April 19th, a human-sized Easter Bunny will be put to the test at the Annual Easter Egg Challenge, brought to us by South Florida Diving Headquarters. A great group of divers welcome all those looking to spend more time enjoying the hobby and meeting new friends. You will get to see and experience some of the coolest dive sites around South Florida. This Easter Egg Challenge will find our friend, the Easter Bunny, hiding colorful eggs on a local wreck so determined divers can see how many eggs they can find in order to receive lots of neat prizes. A grand prize will be awarded to the diver who brings up the most eggs. Bring your kids and bring your mesh bag to collect your eggs and plenty of candy too.

Diving gets even better and brighter as April 25 - April 27, 2014 marks another enticing year as attendees partake in the 30th Annual Pompano Beach Seafood Festival. As the sun rises, spend your mornings doing some world-class diving and take the afternoon to savor the many seafood dishes that are sure to be delicious while you listen to some 'classic rock-n-roll' from Grand Funk Railroad. There will also be over 120 exhibitors, kids attractions and what better to set the tone than waves crashing on the shore and a beautiful tranquil atmosphere in every direction. Divers will be able to get into the small pool made available to them so that they can test all the new scuba products. If you have a friend who just hasn't had the opportunity to take the first step towards learning how to scuba dive, the giant pool is just the place to test the waters of this sport. Wet suit and gear will be provided.

There is nothing better than spending the weekends in the bright sunshine of South Florida and taking the leap to descend to the depths for a day of scuba diving. See you in the South Florida waters very soon.